Game of Clones

Helluva lot of copycat Game of Thrones mini TV series and Movie themes around aren't there?
"Owww . . . " said the money men - "they seem to like Empires falling and large armies n' stuff - QUICK! - get a load more shit out there"


Cold snap

Blimmey the weather babes have been excited - every damned weather report for the past week has been peppered with dark mutterings, heavy expressions and superlatives - all   about the upcoming cold spell (April 25/26 - 2017).

It's almost as if they feel finally justified in their roles - in their lives - they are, at last, the NEWS they always wanted to be.


old news

Eh?  Didn't we all get told this about forty years ago?


Christmas, Slade and the killer ear-worm

Somehow, to me, Slade's 'So here it is, Merry Christmas' (no doubt the title is less threatening than this) seems to speak of absolutely everything that Christmas, to me, ISN'T.


I don't know about you - but I reckon flip-phones are going to make a come-back


Top Tip #87

Tired of being run-over everyday by sledges?

Try these light-up antler horns as part of your business attire.

"Fun to be with" people will need no prompting - but even us, the more frail and gentle characters of the species might benefit from such a visibility boost.