More driving rants (the School run)

GOD! I HATE the school run. I mean I hate the idea of it. I hate the way the roads foul-up as business traffic is timed to coincide with school traffic perfectly (excellent planning ...) I hate the fact that Mums and Dads now feel children aren't safe unless they're watching DVDs on-route within 2-ton of metallic black glass and steel 4WD. 'hate the fact that league tables encourage CHOICE, or ... as is really the case: suggest driving right across town in the rush-hour is a good thing coz' young Cabernay will get on better at St.Fluffblubble-on-the-nigh rather than Shameless High.
Why cannot all schools be GOOD ENOUGH? Why cannot the cycling infrastructure actually EXIST properly. Why cannot school buses arrive at pre-determined spots to welcome aboard those who have WALKED (for god's sake) TOGETHER to the stopping point.

Ha! That's better - better in that out, they say ...


Driving stuff ...

Well I dunno, I never thought I'd start this off by typing about driving.
I was lucky, taught by ex-Monte Carlo Rally driver Harry Fuller, and biking for years to gain that defensive, all seeing 'edge' the non-ex-bikers lack in their diriving experience.
I've noticed the new breed of LADETTES are the world's worst drivers .. not your typical male/female divide here .... nothing sexist in these observations - just .... if anyone's going to sit up yer backside in traffic, in anyone's gonna carve you up, take a look in the mirror - they'll have a pink fuffy steering wheel cover, and MASSIVELY WIDE exhaust pipe(s), and they'll be decidedly FEMALE.