Red Elastic Bands

I wonder how much the Post Office spends on red Elastic bands per year?

Patio Heaters

It's warm inside isn't it?
Outside - it's also warm, until the sun goes down, or in Autumn and Winter months.
If it's cool or cold outside, logic dictates we don a jumper or coat.

That should, in all honesty be the end of the story ... if we seek to alter the natural order of things ... to fight with nature and the elements, (other than, merely building shelter) then we are plainly at odds with everything right, normal, natural and yes, perhaps ethical and moral too.

It seems to me that to use a machine to warm ..... (wait for it ....) THE OUTSIDE AIR then we have completely and utterly lost all sense of normality.

I don't care if you can afford Patio heaters around your decking (why have you Decking? Don't you like gardens?) ... SOME THINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PERSONAL CHOICE. Patio heaters use FUEL to WARM OUTSIDE AIR (in case you didn't realise?)
Patio heaters release emissions into the atmosphere (in case you didn't realise?) - why do the damn things exist at all?

Patio heaters are a fashion, a dreadful waste.
Patio heaters are an astonishingly direct, and beautifully clear manner of displaying just how stupid, fashion-led, transient, thoughtless and shallow so many people have become.