'Select your Country' - setting up new web accounts.

It happened about a year ago didn't it?
Did you notice?

Where the 'UK' was once findable in the top few countries of such a list (above), NOW you need to scroll through everything (hope that it's listed alphabetically) - hope that we're even listed at all?
3rd-rate country.  It was always coming.
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I get a perhaps half-a-dozen opportunities to address this everyday - and to my eternal chagrin - I've only just focussed enough on this horrendous situation to THINK about it.
Odd spellings (and the inclusion of odd words) liberally pepper any set of documents I call in.
The student has typed - at high speed, scanned the document - caught the red-lining, and right-clicked, then chosen the first word they think approximates what belongs there.
I really don't know what to do about it.  I know in my heart, 30% of 19 year olds will leave College doing this - and never, NEVER learn the words.
I don't know which is worse - the fear that maybe I'm not doing a good enough job, or the sulky knowledge that so many, many young 'managers' will all be doing the same, and maybe my thoughts are all an age thing.


The Two F's

Just a brief post - and a couple of numbers to ponder over.

The Government wants to sell off forest worth £250 million in order to ensure Defra can meet its target of making 30 per cent savings on its annual budget by 2015, as outlined in the recent Spending Review.  (Actually, if the NT get it, I don't suppose we'd notice the difference).
Football clubs spent more than £210 million in the January transfer window.

What a world eh?