Jimmy Carr, and all that.

I think the biggest surprise for me this week was learning that this prat is worth millions.  There's never anything that actually makes you laugh properly is there? 
It's always a sort of inward cringe at the distasteful sneering garbage he 'delivers'.

Funny old world.


Big Me Up

A couple of weeks ago New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his plans to ban 'super-sized' fizzy drinks being sold.

It struck me some years ago (as I watched the young 'professionals' most mornings feeling thoroughly incomplete if their Next tailoring wasn't accessorized by a bucket of coffee in one hand) that I don't ever actually WANT a bucket of coffee when I'm out and fancy, well, just a coffee.
I'll stand next to one of these and invariably hear "Can I get . . . . "  
What?  What does that mean? (Apart from the fact the idiot next to me wants to believe he or she is living a "Friends" episode?)

But back to the Coffee . .  let's be really boring - I mean, doesn't the last bit get sort of luke warm?  Isn't it really difficult drinking all that liquid at one sitting, or standing, or walking back to office?  Fashions are damned weird aren't they? 

We're implored to 'Big me Up' or 'Supersize Me' for soft drinks, coffees, alcohol . . . . when pure, honest reality would tell you this is nothing more than silly, and damaging marketing.  Of course Coca-Cola and McDonalds complained, and so did the New Yorkers - choice, they said, choice.

Choice, ah yes, here we go again.  The UK's default choice this past generation has been to go American.
En-masse we've chosen to load-up credit cards, build shopping Malls - (and populate them on Sundays), we choose that popular music gets nowhere unless the singer(s) sound American, our TV and Radio adverts are peppered with American accents, we choose to drive around in enormous jeepy things that don't fit British road lanes, or side roads.

The latest item I suppose we've slavishly followed is to be obese.  Go anywhere, look around - I mean LOOK properly . . . . . bigger and bigger and bigger, men,women, children, young girls.
Maybe just a 'little tubby' right now, but well on the way to becoming wonderfully American.

Big me Up, and Supersize Me was never so true.