Growth, growth, growth

I wanted to get this one off quickly.
It's an idea I've been toying with for some months, only to hear Radio4 are doing a similar piece at 9am this morning - so it seemed 8.45am (my Computer says) is a good time to fire this out.

We need to stop chasing Growth as a signal that everything is fine again.  Growth might show a country or economic area is financially stable, but as an indicator of the health of our species, or the planet - it is possibly the worst thing we could possibly wish for.  A highly simplistic argument (and hardly an argument, yet) - but I truly believe the Western World continuously barks up the wrong tree, if they can find any.

What about quality of life? What about personal TIME? What about having LESS?

Weird huh?


Another Chip on my shoulder.

Thanks to Alex who suggested this, it's something I have noticed, but didn't notice it enough to get my blogging juices flowing.
OK, the question is - have you ever been in any chip shop that hasn't got some award or other?

Neither have I.