Top Tip #87

Tired of being run-over everyday by sledges?

Try these light-up antler horns as part of your business attire.

"Fun to be with" people will need no prompting - but even us, the more frail and gentle characters of the species might benefit from such a visibility boost.

Old Movies and Free Space

I've been surfing the freeview channels this month, and partaking of their Christmas offerings.  To be honest, it's a pleasant change from the 96th repeat of Big Momma's House, or Home Alone.   There are loads of much older Christmas movies out there, but most in the 4:3 Aspect ratio (square shaped picture).

So, instead of twiddling with the aspect ratio button - which might be labelled "screen size" or "aspect" or "format" or worse - you'll have to wade through menus - or look for a button like this: 


Why not sellotape Christmas cards across the spare TV screen space?
You can re-live those joyous festive scribblings whilst you watch the movie - bargain!