March 18
Wooooo - about time

Google to offer free voice calls - LANDLINE and Mobiles 

JAN 18 - Click email and it disappears?
Well, I thought it was me.
Maybe I was clicking in a weird way?

So, in case you were worried - just google "click email and it disappears" and the horrible truth is revealed.

It seems office users - in particular outlook (or some variant your company has adopted) is blessed with this excellent feature.  I have a suspicion our college network is exacerbating the problem - (though any reference to constant outages/slowdowns by same is met with blank indifference/disbelief from senior management - should one dare to mention it).

So there you have it - it's NOT you - it's the software.

MARCH 2015

Some cool news for us oldies who prefer typing on a full-size keyboard -and you might say, interesting, that such a new development be so anti-mobile . . . . if you use WhatsApp and you have The Chrome browser on your tablet or PC - you can head on over to
and pair to the two devices - allowing you to message direct from your Computer - cool eh?

JAN 2015
Microsoft seem, over the years to have established the 'every-other-one-is-OK' method of Operating system production:
  • WIN95=buggy
  • WIN98=pretty good
  • WIN ME=bloody awful
  • XP=pretty good
  • VISTA=nightmare
  • WIN7=excellent
  • WIN8=bloody mess
So when Windows 9 should be OK shouldn't it?
Well, it seems there won't be a nine - the one out very soon is
Windows 10  -  here's the blurb on it


Just try this - possibly one of the best free helper programs there is.

The always excellent GIZMOs site  came up with this, this week.  Set your Lat/long, set your preferences, and F.LUX sorts out the screen's luminosity (actually warms-up the colours) for you - absolutely brilliant - and tonight (my first test of this free software) a real helper for those eyes that have been screening all day.  

I can't rate this enough. All the best to the developers - Michael & Lorna.

Get it   <<  here  >>

I don't know about you, but there are times when I really don't need to fire-up PhotoShop just to do a quick image re-size.

Image resizer -
is a right-click context jobby you can whiz into and out of quickly, instead of waiting for your editor to arrive.

Out of the box it'll merely duplicate the image, and re-size and save to wherever the original was.


Keep that password safe!
Sent in by Miss Demeanor, of Loose Chippings, Wilts - she's come up with a super idea to avoid those prying eyes when logging-in to your Computer.

Simply try to keep in the habit of wearing a loose-fitting, stretchy jumper ALL THE TIME.

Then at the critical moment you can easily whip the thing over your head and WHAMMO! a handy knitted shield for you to enter delicate info in, from, behind, within, under.   Or something.

Extend this masterly plan outward - YES! wear an enormous ANORAK when visiting your preferred cash_machine.

Stand close to the machine, whip the garment over your head and again you have a portable security blanket - doubling-up as a screen against that annoying sunshine-stuff that can make cash-machine screens so damned tricky to read.

Speakers/  headphones?
Well this is nice.
A piece of free software that solves an issue, is FREE, and just WORKS.

Some of you, even on Windows 7, (seriously disinterested in Win8, I can tell you) must find that switching sound output devices is a real headache.

System Tray Audio Device Switcher ('STADS') makes it easy.
A simple idea that simply works, though you'll need to suffer the world's worst ever tray icon.

Download  <<  here  >>

Do you want Windows to run this?   YES!

Even when you are running as administrator, certain programs and scripts still trigger the UAC prompt. If you are a frequent user of a program and know it is safe, this becomes a nuisance.
There  is a small free utility that gets around this.

The program is called ElevatedShortcut for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is from WinAero, it is portable and needs no installation. There  are two executables provided, one for Windows 7 and one for Windows 8.

Click the executable file you've just downloaded and you get the interface shown in the figure below. Ironically, opening the utility itself triggers the UAC prompt because of its nature.  Using the program to create a new shortcut or to modify an old one is very quick and easy.